• Alexis Downing

🌿Mental Health Care & Running A Business: 11 ways that can happen successfully


Hey everyone! Happy Monday! Happy November 11th! and most importantly, Happy Veterans Day! Here on 11/11 @11:11am, I'm bringing you a list of 11 ways to run your business while dealing with mental/emotional/personality illnesses/disorders. I hope after reading this list, you take what you need from it and apply it to your life/business.

- Alexis Downing, owner

trigger warning - this blog post is about mental health. please read at your own risk


1. Seek help personally
  • speak to your physician

  • try one-on-one therapy

  • try group therapy [sometimes it's good to know you're not the only one]

  • maybe consider consulting an energy practitioner along with psychotherapy

why this may help: psychotherapy can help eliminate or control troubling symptoms, so a person can function better and can increase well-being and healing.


2. Seek help professionally
  • it may be in your best interest to hire a team and allot some of your responsibilities.

  • if you sell products, have an assistant package and ship them for you.

  • if you provide a service, have an assistant book and schedule appointments and/or run your website.

  • hire a social media manager to post to your business pages.

  • hire a video editor to edit and post your vlogs.

why this may help: delegating some of your business responsibilities can alleviate a lot of your stress-triggers.


3. Find a business-accountability partner
  • find a friend or family member with a business as well to keep each other focus and goal-driven.

  • meet up/call each other maybe once a week or monthly and encourage each other to stay on track.

  • another option is networking and meeting fellow entrepreneurs to become accountability partners with, whether it's one other person or a group

why this may help: having daily/weekly/monthly check-ins can keep you disciplined. Plus, it's also good to have someone help you hold yourself accountable for hitting certain goals.


4. Set and accomplish just 1-2 goals every single day
  • break a large task up into a few days, or create small tasks to do everyday

  • example:

Monday - take photos/record video

Tuesday - edit photos/video

Wednesday - begin draft for blog

Thursday - finish draft for blog

Friday - edit draft for blog [check references/citations if used]

Saturday - place finalized photos/video in blog

Sunday - proofread one last time, then post blog and begin to market it on social media [or have assistant/social media manager do that]

why this may help: the last thing you want to feel is overwhelmed since it can be triggering. Sometimes it's easier to hit small daily goals versus trying to do 5-6 tasks in one day.