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3pc Reusable  Bamboo + Cotton Cloth Set

3pc Reusable Bamboo + Cotton Cloth Set


Save money and throw away your single-use cotton rounds and makeup wipes. This bundle has 3 double-sided reusable bamboo + cotton pads, which include:

  • 1 square velour pad - for daily skin cleaning
  • 1 square terry pad - for gentle exfoliating
  • 1 square charcoal pad - for deep skin cleaning



  1. Makeup removal
  2. Skin cleaning
  3. Wiping eyeglass lens
  4. Apply powder
  5. Apply toner
  6. Dab sweat and/or excess oil from face

etc etc

  • 🪴Extra info

    Certified bamboo cotton fabric.

    Complies with rigorous standards.

    Great for all skin types; including babies' skin.

    Handwash preferred, though washer-safe.

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